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Precise TV: Episode 3

In this electrifying episode of Precise TV, our team at Precise Services is back! As the curtain rises on Episode 3, Kevin, our resident electrical wizard, steps into the spotlight once again. This time, he’s on a mission to put his skills to the test with his latest switchboard replacement! Meanwhile, in Mitcham, Alex and…


Precise TV: Episode 2

In the second thrilling instalment of Precise TV, we invite you to once again join us on an exciting journey into the world of Precise Services. Episode 2 promises more captivating moments as we delve deeper into the challenges and heartwarming community involvement that define our team. Step into the shoes of our skilled technicians…


Precise TV: Episode 1

When it comes to the world of plumbing and electrical work, the team at Precise has set the bar high, making them the go-to professionals in South Australia, Adelaide. With unwavering dedication to their craft, they have gained a reputation as Adelaide’s most reliable plumber and electrician. But what happens behind the scenes that makes…

bathroom renovation specialists

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

A bathroom renovation can give a whole new feel to your home, providing luxury and a functional contemporary style that you’ll love walking into. As well as comfortable living now, you’ll be adding incredible value to your home for the future, especially when your renovation specialist provides a lifetime warranty on their services A detailed…

Modern, white bathroom design featuring a freestanding bathtub and floor to ceiling glass louvres

Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Looking to upgrade, remodel or renovate your existing bathroom or ensuite and want to know where to start? Budget, scope, and time and the team you choose to work with are all determining factors of the quality of your bathroom renovation. Before you take a sledgehammer to anything in your old bathroom (as fun as…

Woman changing the battery on a standard smoke detector and fire alarm

How to Select and Install the Best Smoke Alarms for Your Home

Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarm Save Lives In the unfortunate event that your home catches fire, authoritative research shows that fire alarms may not activate before smoke and heat dangerously hinder your family’s escape. In 2017, Fire & Rescue NSW raised serious concerns about the reliability of standard smoke alarms when installed as per current…

Worried woman confused about Adelaide gas bill pricing

Guide to Adelaide Gas Bill Pricing

Paying too much for gas in Adelaide? Worried that you’re paying more than you should for retail gas here in Adelaide? If you pay anywhere close to the average price of $892 per annum, then you could save as much as $250 a year on your gas bills. The primary issue with gas pricing is…

Image of a dripping tap to highlight a common reason for wasted water in Adelaide homes

Average Cost of Adelaide Water Bills

If your residential water bill here in Adelaide is around the average quarterly cost of $135 then there is an opportunity to save money and water in your home, year-round. Water is a basic survival requirement, yet even here in Adelaide, within the driest state of the planet’s driest continent, many people still take our…

Electricity bill with Australia one hundred dollar bills

Average Power Bills Adelaide, South Australia

Worried that you may be paying too much for power? or suspect you are not getting the best deal available on the price of your electricity here in Adelaide? Rest assured, your suspicions are well-founded. If you are paying the average price per annum of $1,759 for power in Adelaide, then you are paying more…

Mount Bold Reservoir Dam

Metropolitan Adelaide’s Water Supply System

As the capital of the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on Earth the security of Adelaide’s water supply now and in the future is of critical importance to us all. Adelaide’s water supply is a complex network of pipes that draws water from sources including seven reservoirs in the Mount Lofty Ranges, the…

High voltage power line in Adelaide

Tips for Reducing Power Costs

If you’re worried about the rising cost of energy, you’re not alone. Throughout South Australia, thousands of households are battling against their energy bills. As commodities that usually become more expensive over time rather than getting cheaper, gas and electricity can take a significant chunk out of your household budget. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical,…

Smart Meter App displaying Monthly Spend

The Benefits of Having a Smart Meter

If you’re like most people, energy is probably one of your biggest expenditures. If you’re managing a busy family home, your bills may creep up during certain months. From the cost of summer air conditioning to heating in the winter, it all contributes to hefty bills for your household. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we…



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