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Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings To all our customers, suppliers, family and friends, thanks again for another fantastic year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! MERRY CHRISTMAS! From all of us at Precise


Christmas checklist

15 Point Home Christmas Checklist Now is a great time of year to check around your home and tidy up all the bits and pieces you’ve been putting off – before the family comes around!   Here’s a little checklist to help make sure your home is ready for Christmas. Just click and print. If…


Drain Relining

Why Dig? When you can Reline! Ever been inconvenienced by blocked drains, or have ongoing problems in your drains that are just too hard or expensive to fix? Pipe relining is fast becoming the alternate solution for non-intrusive sewer drain pipe repairs. Drain relining is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and non-destructive approach to fixing…


Summer’s Coming

Summer’s Coming With the weather warming up and Summer only 5 weeks away, now is the best time to decide on your home’s air conditioning requirements or to service your existing system. As most people want their air conditioning system fully functioning for when the hotter weather arrives, it is a good idea to book…


Suspect a water leak in your home?

Suspect A Water Leak In Your Home? A water leak can be costly $$$ Test your system today! A water leak in most residential homes can be difficult to detect as pipework is usually buried underground or concealed in walls and roof spaces. A simple way to check for a possible water leak is by…


Its Blooming Spring Time!

Its Blooming Spring Time! Time to prepare for the perfect summer days and nights ahead. Here’s some tips on how Precise can help you get the most out of your outdoor living areas. Garden Taps With spring in the air and flowers blooming, gardening is back in full swing. Consider relocating your garden taps to…


Blocked Drains

There is nothing worse than having an unexpected blocked drain. A home’s plumbing network is one of the most overlooked items in a house that can potentially cause the most disruption. You’d be surprised on how reliant you are on your home’s plumbing infrastructure, and a blocked drain can stop everything from working instantly, including…


Sensor Lighting

Sensor lighting is convenient, energy efficient and great way to keep your home safe. Sensors can illuminate outside paths and driveways and are great inside for bathrooms, halls, stairwells and pantries. Make your life safer and easier by adding the convenience of sensors lighting to your home.


5 Ideas to prepare for Winter

Blocked gutters & downpipes are a common cause of leaks, and most easily preventable. Get in early this Autumn and empty your gutters and downpipes before the weather turns wet. Ensure that you use a safe ladder and equipment to avoid any nasty falls. If you find any structural issues with your gutters or down…


Hot Water Servicing

It’s been proven that proper servicing and maintenance of hot water systems can extend life expectancies by up to 40%, maximising your return on investment and can also save significant money in running costs over the life span of the hot water system.



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