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Do you have a leaking tap? Are you tired of hearing drip drip drip….?

At Precise Plumbing and Electrical, our team of specialised technicians are ready and waiting to respond to your leaking tap. We have the team and the experience to quickly and efficiently diagnose your leak and fix it fast. Each plumbing van is stocked with a range of tapware options to ensure replacements will fit your existing home’s design. Our technicians not only fix the problem but will also provide you with options, should you wish to replace tired/old looking tapware to new.

Typical causes of tapware leaks:

The most common cause of a leaking tap is a worn tap washer. A washer is a little piece of rubber that’s fitted inside a tap to stop water flow. When the rubber washer over time gets worn due to constant tap use, it results in a tap leak. Other common causes for leaks include worn or loose parts such as an o-ring or jumper valve and also, simply the age of the tap being too old and seized. We take great care in the way that we install a new tap to avoid future maintenance issues, such as not over tightening the tap too much, so the rubber washer has the flexibility to move and is not constrained when constantly turned.

A leaking tap can have a significant impact on the environment and your water bill. A leak from one tap can waste as much as 1 litre of water per day.

Don’t hold off on your leaking tap, we’re ready to service your drip today.

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