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At Precise we have an extensive reputation for being known as Adelaide’s specialist technicians for all things relating to hot water.

From hot water installation to servicing, our friendly customer care staff can help guide you through the complex world of hot water and ensure the right system gets installed for your home/office.

We have the latest information available for brands such as Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Themann, Quantum, Bosch and we know our stuff regarding the latest government rebates on offer.

We are all reliant on hot water heating systems and we know how disruptive it can be to your life or organisation when your hot water is not working. With the reputation as Adelaide’s specialist hot water technicians we can help you choose between electrical hot water, instantaneous gas, solar hot water systems or any combination of these. We are the #1 Plumbers in Adelaide

We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, including any information that is unique to your requirement.

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Our licenced, professional and friendly plumbers at Precise Plumbing can:-

  • Repair and service all make and models of hot water systems, so you’ll never be left in the cold.
  • Supply & install all types of hot water systems – instantaneous gas, heat pumps, solar hot water or electric hot water heaters.
  • Help 24/7 to get any hot water emergency under control in no time.
  • Install and maintain commercial hot water and boiler units.
  • Provide flexible solutions for your commercial hot water heating requirements.

SA Water Heater Regulations

New or replacement water heaters installed in South Australian homes must, by law, comply with the residential water heater requirements. Household water heating is typically the largest use of energy in a home and a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions so in most cases a high-efficiency gas, solar or electric heat pump water heater will need to be installed.

On 1 July 2008 South Australia became the first state to implement hot water heater requirements for both new and established homes. The requirements were developed in consultation with water heater manufacturers and the plumbing, gas and housing industries in order to promote a greener state and reduce South Australian’s greenhouse gas emissions. Our team of licenced plumbers and electricians can discuss the best hot water options available, at a price that you can afford.

We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, including any information that is unique to your requirement.

gas hot water storage available brands include Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, Everhot, Thermann


Storage hot water heaters (also known as storage tanks, hot water tank, hot water cylinder) is a tank that is used for storing and heating hot water. The tanks are typically heavily insulated to minimise heat loss and energy consumption and can retain heat for days. Hot Water tanks may have built in gas burners, electric immersion elements, may use an external heat exchanger to heat water from another energy source prior to storing it in the tank or may even be coupled with a solar system.

process image of how a tankless gas hot water heater works


Instantaneous or otherwise known as continuous flow hot water heaters work on the process of heating cold incoming water with a large gas flame, to the desired or pre-set temperature. The units are generally a lot smaller than conventional storage hot water heaters as they do not store any hot water. The basic configuration of a continuous flow hot water heater is a copper pipe coil wrapped around a large gas flame. This is known as a heat exchanger.

on roof installation of solar hot water system


As the name suggest, Solar Hot Water is the principal of heating stored water by way of the sun’s rays and energy. The water is stored in a tank and the suns energy is collected through solar collectors, mounted on the roof and in the direct sunlight. The suns energy is absorbed by the collectors and transferred to the water in the tank (by various means), heating the water. Its clean, energy efficient and a practical way to heat water.

process image of how a heat pump hot water system work


A heat pump hot water heater is a new renewable energy efficient way of heating hot water. Typically hot water heaters use an energy source such as gas or electricity to heat stored water, however heat pumps use the heat from the outside air to heat the stored water inside the storage tank. They look very similar to standard conventional electric storage units, however have the heat pump that sits at the top of the tank.

electric hot water tanks available from Rheem & Thermann


Electric storage hot water heaters can have one or two immersion elements (internal heating elements). Dual element hot water heaters are referred to as Twin Element Heaters. Single element storage hot water heaters can either work on M or J Tariff. The difference being that M tariff will ensure that the element is connected to a continual electrical connection, ensuring that it will continually heat the water throughout the day and night as required.

image compares good and corroded Sacrificial Anodes magnesium rod installed inside your hot water tank


Like all high use appliances, hot water heaters require regular servicing to ensure that the unit is operating to its most economical setting and dramatically reduces the likelihood of an unscheduled emergency breakdown and repair. If you never experienced a hot water heater failure before, you might be surprised to find out on how reliant a household is of its hot water and how much of an inconvenience it can be until the problem is resolved.

electric hot water tanks available from Rheem & Thermann


Rheem produces a range of electric, gas and solar hot water systems. They have an impeccable reputation for producing top quality hot water systems, which we sell and install for our customers.

electric hot water tanks available from Rheem & Thermann


When you engage Precise Plumbing and Electrical to install quality Rinnai hot water systems, you will enjoy our lifetime workmanship guarantee. We stand behind our work because we are committed to ensuring satisfaction.

We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, including any information that is unique to your requirement.

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We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, including any information that is unique to your requirement.

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