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At Precise we’re serious about electricity

At Precise we’re serious about electricity, which is why we handle all electrical switchboard problems as an emergency. The switchboard is the brain behind the electrical network of your home. If you suspect that you have issues with the switchboard or electricity within your home or business, give us a call now and we’ll dispatch our team of highly skilled technicians to rectify the situation immediately. Our vans are all stocked with brand new, compliant switchboards, electrical wiring, power points, and safety switches to ensure we leave your home functioning and safe. Stay safe and ensure your home or business is compliant. Properly maintained appliances can prevent any electrical incidences, avoiding short circuiting and electrical overloads when abnormal currents pass through your electrical network.

What is a safety switch?

A safety switch is a device, typically in your switchboard, designed to minimise the risk of electric shock, injury, death and electrical related fires. Safety switches are a legal requirement in all new homes, and must be installed on existing homes if not present when altering any electrical cabling.

How does a safety switch work?

When a person comes into contact with electricity, the electricity is directed through their body to earth. This causes a loss in the amount of electricity in the electrical circuit (the path for the flow of electricity). A safety switch detects very small losses of electricity and as a precaution, immediately switches the power off. A safety switch can switch off electricity in a circuit in as little as 0.3 seconds.

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