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Welcome to Precise Home Protection Membership

At Precise, our membership program is designed to ensure your property’s maintenance requirements are continually up to date, safeguarding your investment and keeping your family safe.

Precise memberships unlock the door to a wide range of exclusive Member benefits and priority services.

Join the club! Become a Precise Member Today.
As a Precise Member you’ll receive;

> An Annual FREE Home Safety Inspection!
We’ll check the condition of your plumbing and electrical services including;

  • Hot Water Heater
  • Drains
  • Electrical Switchboard and Wiring
  • Air Conditioning
  • Smoke Alarms
> Member Discounts off all Plumbing & Electrical services
> No call out fees!
> Member only benefits
Join the 1500+ strong member group now and keep your property up to date and your family safe.
For more information regarding memberships or renewals, please call our friendly customer care staff on 8152 6795.

Your membership benefits include:

  1. A FREE annual routine home safety inspection. We’ll check over your homes plumbing and electrical systems including, hot water heaters, switchboard and wiring, drains, air-conditioning and smoke alarms. We’ll then provide you with an audit report, so you know the exact condition of your plumbing & electrical systems, highlighting any repair/maintenance requirements.
  2. Discounts off all our Plumbing and Electrical services, ensuring you receive the very best value out of our services.
  3. No call out fees while being a member – During normal business hours*
  1. Priority Service. When you call us and let us know that you’re a member, you’ll receive VIP status and be upgraded to the front of the queue!
  2. Member only promotions. Our membership team is always hard at work making sure our members regularly receive the best promotions out there in the market.

Join the Precise Family Today!