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Leave your traditional ideas on toilets behind when you check out the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet.

This advanced model is the result of years of research and design by Roca’s bathroom solutions’ experts. Enjoy the highest standards of cleanliness, comfort, and care with this toilet that will meet your highest standards and expectations for performance.

We encourage you to check out this video that outlines all of the features and benefits of this incredible design. Precise Plumbing and Electrical is proud to offer this amazing and innovative product. Contact us today to find out more.

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Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet installed in bathroom of home in Adelaide

Features of the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet

Today, many people expect more from their toilet, which is not surprising since the design has barely changed since the days of the Roman Empire. Now, toilets enhance hygiene and safety, especially important in these more germ-conscious times. Roca’s features emphasise remote-based functions that conserve water while adding comfort and reliability in a truly smart toilet.

Features of this evolution in toilet function include:

  • Low energy-consuming LED night light for safe use in dark conditions. Enjoy the use of up to four different features.
  • Soft closing feature that protects components from damage while reducing noise.
  • Integrated control panel offering the option of convenient manual use.
  • Smart infrared detection of the presence of a user, which activates proper functions. Higher levels of accuracy prevent “ghost flushes.”
  • The design of the In-Wash Inspira accommodates all pipes and wiring, ensuring that all anyone sees is the sleek modern design of the toilet itself.
  • The simple and elegant design of the device requires only a single water inlet.
  • Roca manufactures the In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet and every other product in its line from the most durable materials and reliable equipment available.

Roca’s commitment to your comfort includes front and rear washing modes for a more complete clean.

These features combine to make the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet the most advanced piece of bathroom technology available on the market today. Enjoy an elevated experience even in the bathroom when you use this luxury level toilet.


Intimate hygiene

Front wash and rear wash using water.

Oscillating massage

The operating movement of the nozzle offers multiple water options to suit individual needs. The Water jet ranges in small circles.

Drying function

The warm air provides a pleasant drying experience after cleaning.

Adjustable water temperature

The water temperature functions have four different settings: Room temperature – No LEDs / Low 33º – 1 LED / Medium 36º – 2 LEDs / High 39º – 3 LEDs

Adjustable water pressure

The water flow has three intensity levels for a more comfortable feeling.

Adjustable nozzle position

The nozzle has five different positions for an accurate adjustment to each user.

Adjustable drying temperature

The air in the drying function has four temperature levels. Temperature of air dryer: OFF / 40º / 50º / 60º.

Night light

The LEDs of the In-Wash® Inspira can be adjusted to guide you to the toilet without needing to turn on the light in your bathroom. There are 4 modes for the light settings.

Functions Available With the Remote Control

Roca’s game-changing toilet technology includes a number of functions. They put you in direct control of the most advanced bathroom device on the market today.

The main settings control the cleaning and drying functions. Achieve your best possible bathroom cleaning with adjustable nozzles that provide outstanding touch-free results.

Our remote also allows you to adjust the functions to meet your personal needs and tastes. Display bars allow you to customise the air and water temperatures, as well as the intensity of the water flow and nozzle position.

Unlike remotes for other devices that constantly get lost, Roca offers a wall mount. The mount includes a magnetic base for secure placement and use. You never have to go searching for the remote when you need it the most.

The Roca Difference

For over a century, Roca has led the world with innovative designs for routine household items. The company that started out producing radiators and boilers moved to bathroom appliances and devices by 1936.

Sixty years later, Roca plunged into the international market with the goal of emerging as a world leader in the bathroom marketplace, concentrating design and engineering expertise into creating superior performance and reliability.

Roca’s sales reach now extends into 170 countries. They manufacture quality products in 78 different production facilities that employ over 22,000 hardworking and dedicated professionals.

Each product manufactured by Roca meets all Australian national standards for reliability and performance.

Precise Plumbing and Electrical’s Commitment to Excellent Service

Count on our team of experienced, professional, licensed, and fully-trained technicians to provide you with this amazing high-performance bathroom technology. With the toilet being one of the most relied upon devices in the home, make sure that you reach out to an installer that you can trust.

Precise Plumbing and Electrical has over two decades of experience creating amazing bathrooms. Over 90 per cent of our customers come back due to our dedication to their satisfaction. We also promise fixed price services and a lifetime guarantee of workmanship.

Our team takes professionalism seriously. From our first day on the job in tidy uniforms to the final hours when we provide a thorough cleanup, our goal lies in providing the best and least burdensome service possible. Our commitment to communications and transparency means that we discuss all issues related to the job as quickly as possible.

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