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For over nearly a century, Rheem has produced equipment and appliances that homes and businesses rely upon. Throughout the world, Rheem products carry a powerful reputation for quality, convenience, and reliability.

Precise Plumbing and Electrical proudly offer a selection of Rheem hot water heating products. With a variety of sizes, designs, and features, we will have a unit that serves your needs.

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We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, include any information that is unique to your requirements.

Quality Rheem Hot Water Systems From Precise Plumbing and Electrical

As with Rheem across the globe, Precise Plumbing and Electrical has also built a proud reputation for quality and professionalism.

First, we only work with the best quality equipment and products. We never feel that average is ever good enough. For that reason, we only install the best.

Our fully trained, licensed, and certified technicians also uphold the highest standards of professionalism and capability. Customers and clients appreciate the tidy and uniformed appearance, our commitment to transparent communication, and the thorough cleanups with which we end every job.

Customer satisfaction always includes the details. We take every aspect of the job seriously and aim to exceed, not merely meet, expectations.

Known as a World Leader In Appliances

Rheem produces a broad variety of heating, cooling, pool, spa, commercial refrigeration and other products. They have an impeccable reputation for producing top quality hot water systems, which we sell and install for our customers.

Much of Rheem’s reputation is rooted in durability and also innovation. Engineers constantly seek to improve performance, meet better environmental standards, and also last longer. These advances in technology keep Rheem ahead of the competition and on top of customer needs and expectations.

Rheem has designed and produced appliances and equipment in Australia specifically for the country’s unique conditions for over eight decades. Call us if you need a quality Rheem system today.

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Electric Hot Water Systems

Rheem’s electric hot water storage systems use heating devices and storage tanks to ensure a sufficient supply of hot water for home use. We offer heater tanks between 25 and 400 litres of capacity, designed to suit even the largest of households and even small businesses. Rheem hot water heaters also offer the versatility of both indoor and outdoor use.

Rheem supports its electric hot water heater products with a seven and a 12-year cylinder. Owners can also access full technical support and purchase spare parts from Rheem.

Electric hot water systems also incorporate the ability to take advantage of off-peak and other tariffs. Consult with our team for specific information on how you can best apply these to save money and energy.

We offer five electric hot water systems from Rheem, starting with the 491/492 series, which offers the following features:

  • Different models provide capacity of between 80 and 400 litres
  • Easy to retrofit. It has identical plumbing connections and footprint design of previous models
  • Two-handed fittings
  • Accommodate lower cost tariffs
  • Uses exclusive and more durable Ultranamel, designed by Rheem
  • Can come with twin elements
  • 12-year warranty on the cylinder

We also have a selection of Rheemplus Electric models that offer large capacities and also high performance. This pre tempered model has the ability to deliver up to 50 degrees C water from an adjustable tap. It also comes available in capacities ranging from 125 to 315 litres. Quality is backed by a 12-year cylinder warranty.

The Rheem 191/192 series is specially designed for smaller households where space is at a premium. It comes in models that have a capacity of between 25 and 50 litres, perfect for tight squeezes. Also convenient for those small areas are front oriented fittings.

The most compact Rheem hot water systems are the 25 and 47-litre models. When you need maximum performance from a heater requiring a minimum of space, this is your choice. The dimensions of the 47-litre model are 670 mm high by 400 mm in diameter. Rheem’s 25-litre option stands at 390 mm high and 385 mm across, giving it the smallest diameter on the market.

Rheem electric hot water tank

Stellar Stainless Steel Hot Water Heaters

This hot water system serves as a standout in both convenience and performance. Available in models ranging from 50 to 315 litres, these units feature performance 24 percent better than minimum energy performance standards. Weighing 42 per cent less than comparable traditional units, the Stellar Stainless Steel is much easier to manoeuvre.

With stainless steel cylinder and fittings, as well as no anode incorporated, this Rheem hot water system serves as one of the finest of such products on the market.

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We are proud to sell and install hot water heating systems from Rheem, a global leader in appliance and equipment. If you have any questions about Rheem products and our service, please do not hesitate to place a call or send a message.

We understand that every installation and situation is different.

Please contact us to answer all of your hot water enquiries, include any information that is unique to your requirements.

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