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With 15 years of experience behind us and more than 180,000 jobs completed, the team at Precise Plumbing & Electrical is highly skilled. Although we’re based in Elizabeth, we’re your go-to plumbers and electricians in Salisbury. We serve other major suburbs throughout Adelaide too, and each day we add new happy customers to our caseload.

When you want to make sure everything in your house runs smoothly, plumbing and electricity play a big role. If something goes wrong, normality ceases to exist. That’s why our team responds to all calls in Salisbury promptly. Whether you need us for an everyday installation or you’re seeking an emergency plumber, we’ll be by your side. Our comprehensive range of services also extends to businesses in Salisbury and the greater Adelaide area.

With tens-of-thousands of jobs behind us, we’re adept at navigating the challenges that come with homes in Salisbury. We understand the electrical and plumbing systems in old and new properties alike. Thanks to our experience, we’re able to predict what a job requires ahead of leaving our base. That means we usually arrive with the right tools and parts, allowing us to complete your work in record time.


Like all of us, you depend on your plumbing to maintain normality in your home. When it runs smoothly, it allows you to stay hygienic, make food, and remain healthy. Because of this, plumbing problems soon bring life to a grinding halt. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, our plumbers in Salisbury are here to solve your problems.

Blocked Drains

The first sign of a blocked drain is usually a foul smell or water that’s draining slower than usual. Although you can sometimes stop these problems yourself, they often require the attention of a professional. We can resolve blocked drains of all kinds, and we have high-tech equipment for tackling the trickiest ones.

Hot Water

If you wake up one day to find that your hot water is icy cold, it’s easy to feel frustrated. After all, you depend on it to stay clean and to wash your dishes. Our team will soon identify why your water is no longer hot and we’ll resolve the problem promptly.


Dripping taps may not feel like a major problem at first. Over time, they can escalate to larger issues. Additionally, the dripping sounds soon become annoying and your water bills will increase. Usually, dripping taps are a quick fix.


You use your toilet frequently throughout the day, and so does everyone else in your household. Your toilet is made of lots of different parts and with regular use they’re bound to grow tired. From overflowing toilets to those that just won’t flush, we’ll rectify your problems and get everything back to normal in no time.


Lots of homes throughout Salisbury use gas for cooking and heating. When you’re one of them, having an efficient system installed in your property can help you save money. We have lots of deals on gas heating systems in Salisbury.

General Maintenance

If you want the drains and pipes in your property to run smoothly, maintenance is essential. We provide general plumbing maintenance services, and we tend to small issues to stop them escalating into big ones. No task is too big or too small for us, plus we can install, repair, and replace many plumbing-related-items.

Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. From overflowing toilets to burst pipes, they also have varying degrees of severity. No matter what the issue is, when you need an emergency plumber in Salisbury we’ll be by your side – we solve around 9,000 emergencies every year!

Why us?

At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we’ve been serving the Salisbury area At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we’re proud to serve the people of Salisbury with our plumbing and electrical services. With 640 years of combined trade experience, you know you’ll be calling on the best team to fix your plumbing or electrical problem. Whether you need us in an emergency or for an everyday service, we’ll prioritise your call. To make an appointment or find out why over 90% of our customers recommend us to their family and friends.

We’re there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week servicing all Metropolitan Adelaide.

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