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Making sure your home runs smoothly relies on lots of factors, including your plumbing and electricity. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we serve homes and businesses throughout Blackwood. After starting out in Elizabeth in 1999, we’ve completed more than 180,000 jobs throughout Adelaide’s major suburbs. As 90% of our customers would recommend us to friends and family, we’re confident we’re the team you need.

When it comes to plumbing in Blackwood, our services are comprehensive and fast. From dripping taps through to installing gas systems, our extensive workforce tackles a range of tasks. We know that having a fully functioning plumbing system is the cornerstone of living a comfortable life. Because of this, we provide a timely service to our customers.

With our electricians in Blackwood, you can meet all your electrical needs. We take great pride in using the latest technologies, especially when installing smoke alarms or evaporative cooling systems. We also make sure we respond rapidly to customers who require an emergency electrician. With each job we complete, we prefer to take an individualised approach. Our familiarity with properties throughout the Blackwood area means we can meet their unique challenges and keep the electrical systems in your property safe.


Few of us could imagine a life without plumbing, yet we may take it for granted as we use it. It’s only when something goes wrong that we truly begin to appreciate how important it us. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, our plumbers in Blackwood tend to everyday tasks and emergencies. We complete each job to a high standard and leave our customers feeling delighted with the results.

Blocked Drains

If you notice that water isn’t flowing down the sink as quickly as usual, you’re probably dealing with a blocked drain. Other common signs include gurgling noises, bad smells, and overflowing systems. Our plumbers in Blackwood can unblock drains using a range of tools. We’re able to unblock both local and distant blockages.

Hot Water

If your water heater isn’t working as quickly as usual, living without consistent access to a hot shower feels irritating. When it breaks down entirely, lots of tasks in your home become challenging. Our quick-thinking team of plumbers will find out why your water isn’t heating, and they’ll get it going again.


When water is no longer flowing from your tap or if it starts dripping, you need to fix the problem before it escalates. It’s usually the case that a tap is faulty because of a small part that needs replacing. We can replace said parts and get your taps back to normal.


Has your toilet started to make an unusual sound? Or perhaps it’s emitting an unusual smell? Whatever the issue, tackling it while it’s in its earlier stages is better than letting it escalate. With our plumbers in Blackwood, you’ll enjoy a fully functioning toilet in no time.


Gas systems are excellent at keeping properties warm and heating water. If you own one that’s inefficient, upgrading to use one of our systems could lower your energy bills. We’ll assess your property’s suitability for a gas system and install one that makes your home extra cosy.

General Maintenance

Whether it’s a drain that isn’t doing its job or a toilet that needs an upgrade, small general maintenance tasks can have a large and positive impact on your plumbing overall. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we carry out general maintenance tasks in Blackwood every day. Our quotes are always fair, and we use parts that are built to last.

Emergency Plumbing

From toilets that are backing up to large leaks in a pipe, there’s no need to suffer through a plumbing emergency alone. Our emergency plumbers in Blackwood always act quickly. When you call on us, we’ll be by your side in a timely manner.


Light switches, home computers, ovens, and more all depend on electricity. In fact, electricity dictates how we get to spend time in our homes and businesses. Because of this, when an electrical system stops working as it should, life becomes less efficient. With our electricians in Blackwood, you’ll never need to worry about an electrical malfunction for too long.

Switchboards & RCDs

If your electricity is tripping randomly, there may be something wrong with a circuit breaker or your switchboard. As your switchboard is in charge of how everything else functions, making sure it’s working is the key to an easy life. Our electricians in Blackwood can tend to all switchboard problems.

Power Loss

Power cuts aren’t unusual, but when your house is the only one suffering from power loss, you need to get to the root of the problem. Using the latest diagnostic tools, we can identify why your home is without power. From there, we’ll move quickly to restart it.

Smoke Alarms

Although they’re such small and simple tools, smoke alarms play a big role in keeping your property safe. If the time has come to replace yours, we’re here to help. We use the latest models that meet Australian standards, so you can rest assured it’s the best equipment for the job.

Ceiling Fans

Keeping your property cool doesn’t need to feel like an uphill challenge. Although ceiling fans are simple in nature, they’re effective at helping your air conditioning go further. We install ceiling fans throughout Blackwood, and we use cost-effective devices for your convenience.


Owning a home or business usually means you need to take steps to keep your property secure. In addition to adding physical barriers to your property, you can use our CCTV and alarm systems to deter and detect thieves. Our team focuses on using industry-leading security systems that keep your property safe.

Air Conditioning

Whether you have an air conditioning system that requires a repair or you’re looking to install a new one, we can help. We install evaporative air conditioning throughout Blackwood and other Adelaide suburbs. Our modern systems will cool your home rapidly while helping your energy bills remain stable.


Keeping your property well-lit is about much more than seeing in the dark. With the right installations, you can complement your home’s aesthetic. At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we install and maintain LED lighting systems.


Your business relies heavily on certain electrical services. If you’re seeking a team that can install your data cabling, come to us. Our data cabling is ideal for channelling fast Internet speeds, which is something many modern businesses depend on.

General Electrical

Our general electrical services cover everything from light switches through to essential maintenance. In our experience, it’s often the smaller jobs that can make the biggest difference to life in your property. Each service we provide prioritises your safety and complements life in your home.

Emergency Electrical

Nobody likes to face an electrical emergency, especially when they don’t know if it will be resolved. Our emergency electricians in Blackwood always act quickly. Don’t suffer in silence, come to us so we can make your life easier.

Why us?

At Precise Plumbing & Electrical, we serve customers throughout Blackwood. No matter what type of plumbing or electrical dilemma you’re facing, we want to help. Our team boasts 640 years combined trade experience, and we solve 9,000 emergencies each year.

We’re there for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week servicing all Metropolitan Adelaide.

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